HD security camera

Benefits of installing HD security camera

A home is not just a shelter for our families. It is also a place where our relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances come to meet us. Unknowingly, other people such as plumbers, carpenters, etc. also visit our house for obvious reasons.

In order to track the details of all the people who visit our house, we maintain registers. These registers are in hard-bound form and contain details of the visitors like name, place from where they have come, reason for visiting, whom they want to visit, and their signature. Some of the home owners have also started recording their identity details such as noting down their driving license number or other proofs. These registers act as direct evidence in seeking the records of the visitors who have visited your house for certain reasons.

However, just imagine if a visitor has forgotten to enter the details in the register, or has noted wrong details in it. It may also happen that an unauthorized visitor might have recorded wrong details in the register intentionally. And if any unpleasant things take place at your home, then it results into chaotic situation. You won’t be able to track the details of visitors who visited your house. Manual record keeping has such kind of loopholes.

Hence, security industry have introduced surveillance camera systems in the market. These are also popularly known as CCTV cameras. However, these digital cameras also suffer from certain defects. The clarity of the videos not clear and it is difficult to view the face of the visitors. Intricate and important details of the visitors are ignored.

As a result, HD security cameras have introduced by the security industry. These cameras are also known as HD CCTV cameras. These cameras have higher resolution and provide better clarity to the home owners.

Following are the primary features of HD security camera:

1. As the name suggests, HD security cameras offer high definition video surveillance footage.

2. The resolution of these footages is up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels).

3. The two types of HD comprised in these security cameras are: AHD (Analog High Definition) and TVI.

4. The size of variable focus lens is 2.8 to 12 mm.

5. It can be installed on walls or on Ceiling Tri-axis mount.

6. These can be installed indoors or outdoors.

7. It can work under any weather conditions.

8. The installation of HD camera is very simple and easy.

Benefits of HD Security Camera:

1. Removes the defects of standard CCTV camera:

As traditional security cameras are subject to certain loopholes, there was a need for a better and efficient camera. Hence, the camera industry introduced HD security camera in the market. This camera is supposed to have overcome the defects of the standard CCTV camera. It offers higher resolution and clarity in terms of footage.

2. Easy installation:

Generally, installation of electronic safety devices such as locks and latches is tedious. It requires a skilled and experienced safety technician to install and repair such cameras. However, HD security camera has eliminated these defects. The installation of these cameras does not involve substantial efforts. On the other hand, the installation of these cameras is easy and can be done without any hassle.

3. Place of installation:

Like other CCTV cameras, HD security camera can also be installed on walls or ceilings. Even though it located in wall mounts, it can capture the footage virtually through every angle, thus giving the viewer a 360 degree picture.

4. Works in any kind of weather condition:

Electronic devices such as cameras are always subject to faulty working when these are exposed to various weather conditions such as sun exposure, rains, snow, etc. However, HD security cameras work in a better way in any kind of weather condition. It will give you a clear and flawless footage even though it has rained heavily or snowed. There are chances that thefts or burglaries take place in such unstable weather conditions. You can be stress-free when you have an effective functioning HD security camera.

5. A good investment

Investment in security related devices is always beneficial for home safety. It is true that HD security cameras are quite expensive. But if you are purchasing it, it will be a value-added component for your home security and safety. With this camera, you will be able to keep a track of all the visitors who have visited your home.

If you want to convert your normal home into smart home, then it is recommended to install HD security camera inside or outside the house. It will help you to check your baby, or pet or your expensive valuables. In case you are working from an office, and you have to keep an eye on your kid’ governess or teacher, then these cameras will be of immense help. When you are not present at home, then too you can easily observe your home and its happenings virtually.

These cameras offer footage through live or recorded videos. Thus, it gives you an opportunity to take suitable action against unpleasant events instantly or after thoughtful preparation. There are certain cameras in the market that can even send you notifications when they detect specific events.

You can check your maid whether she is doing the assigned work properly or not in your absence. If a plumber or an electrician is expected to visit your house for the assigned purpose, then you can easily observe him virtually. Pets are lovely souls and it is better to check whether they need anything or not. Such cameras will always help you in this purpose.

Conclusively, a HD security camera is the best option for improving security factor of your house. It will not only track outdoor activity but also indoor activities when you are not present at home. In case you are travelling far away from home, then it will give you live footages about happenings at your home. However, one needs to evaluate own requirements and install the camera suitably. One should also have a fair knowledge of the functioning of the HD security camera.

Why should i install a HD Security Camera System?

Suppose you are out for a meeting. Can you tell what’s going on in your home right now? Or are you constantly worried whether your babysitter takes care of your child properly or not? Or do you wonder whether your kid is studying or not? You feel a need to check whether the plumber has done the job of your kitchen tap properly or not.

Well, these constant worries keep hammering our mind and distract us from performing our daily office tasks or just travelling outside. If these worries trouble you, then you must understand that your home is just a room with four walls and not a smart home in this smart world. You home also needs to be smart just like your phone or your laptop. For that, you must be able to know what’s going on in your home.

Don’t worry. You need not quit your job or gain any supernatural powers. Well, surveillance camera systems will serve this purpose. However, if you are purchasing a HD security camera system, then it will be cherry on the cake. This is because these cameras provide you with a high quality video footage of your home happenings and events.

Let us now check what the benefits of installing HD security camera system are to make your home a safe and smart home.

Mostly, we consider security element for our valuables such as cash, jewellery, important documents, electronic media devices, etc. However, our family members such as kids or pets are more valuable to us. We cannot store our previous family members in our homes. However, we can check what they are doing and what they need using surveillance camera systems.

The capabilities of a camera differ from one brand to another. However, these cameras help you in monitoring what’s happening in your home by acquiring live or recorded videos. All cameras do not offer similar kind of functions. Some can send notifications or alarms when any suspicious activity takes place. Some offer only audio or some are just meant for monitoring the events.

Though there are numerous surveillance systems in the market for your home security, one of the best systems is the HD security camera system. It is comprised of all the elements that must be essential in a good camera system. For instance, an ideal camera system must be easy to install and use. Some people chose cameras that look attractive or are sturdy in appearance. Purchase of a suitable HD security camera system depends on your security needs and preferences.

Following are the highlighting features of HD security camera system:


The standard resolution of HD security camera system is 1080p. The benefits of such high resolution cameras are numerous. Some of these cameras provide optical zoom lenses. The video footages can be cropped and enlarged. As the camera system has more megapixels, the digital zooming in and out can be done easily for viewing footage more clearly.

HD security camera systems provide wide-angle lenses. Hence, you can view the footage through every angle in virtual sense. It is better to have wide lenses so that large area can be viewed.


We need a surveillance camera system to keep an eye on our rooms or backyard or even the front portion of our house. Hence, you need to choose a perfect camera system on the basis of your preferences and which place you want to observe and monitor. All camera systems are not developed for mounting outdoors. They get damaged in case the weather condition becomes unstable. However, HD security camera system is useful in this regard. It is waterproof and it can stand rains. It can also work perfectly when it is exposed to sun rays or when it snows. Thus, it is designed in such a way that it can survive in any temperature. Though certain cameras are built for outdoors and some cameras are for indoors, HD security camera system is valuable for both the purposes. It can be placed either indoors or outdoors. Hence, if you are looking for the best kind of investment for your home security, then you can install HD security camera systems for indoors as well as outdoors.


The installation procedure of HD security camera system is easy. You do not need a very highly skilled technician to install it. Even your local technician can install it by following simple steps given in the manual. Even when you want to watch video footage on your device, you need to read and follow the given instructions in the manual. Thus, installation and use of HD security camera systems is not a rocket science. These days’ cameras provide access to the video footages on smartphones, tablets, laptops or even phone apps.


Most of the camera systems use cloud storage for storing the video footages. However, it is to be noted that cloud storage services are different for different camera manufacturers.

Other features:

HD security camera system has other useful highlighting features such as AHD and TVI HD, size of lens varies from 2.8 to 12 mm, and the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Thus, if you are looking out for an effective investment in surveillance camera systems, then it is advisable to purchase HD security camera systems. A home owner should analyse his security needs, what should be the lens size, where it needs to be placed, etc. These questions must be answered before purchasing the camera system. Similarly, one should check the camera systems available in the market. The prices of the different camera systems must be compared in alignment with the special features it offer to the home owners.

Conclusively, HD security camera system will convert your home into a smart home. It will help you in checking your valuables, family members and visitors when you are away from home by a few clicks on your device. One should be aware about its installation and usage to operate it effectively. This camera system is ideal as it can work efficiently in all types of weather conditions.