Fire Safety Box – A Brief Guide to Buy one Wisely

Fire Safety Box – A Brief Guide to Buy one Wisely

You must have valuable items at your home or your work place. Your valuable items may include insurance policy documents, your property documents, passports, legal documents, your will, jewelry, cash and other things that cannot be afforded to lose. Such items are preferred to keep at a place which is safer than anything on this planet earth.


Where do you think, these items will be kept safe? A is the locker in a bank? Or your cupboard which will be kept on guard all day long? These places can be safe regarding thieves or burglars. But what about unseen accidents? Disasters can come unannounced. Anything can happen without you even knowing it. Accidents can occur in any way, either by fire or water or air.

But, the sad part is that you cannot do anything about this. You will be able to protect yourself from similar incidents by calling for rescue. But how will you ever recover your important documents from accidents? People have faced great losses due to events like these. To recover your valuables and keep them safe and secure, there are safety boxes made.


Incidents that are caused by fire can result in the destruction of your entire place. Nothing would be left back. But now, you can keep your inestimable item in a fire safety box. This kind of security boxes is built in such a way that they cannot be destroyed by fire. Even extreme fires cannot demolish this safe. This means you have got the answer to your question. You are now able to keep your items and documents in the safest place possible. You will not have to worry about your papers and certificates. Save your life first. The first thing you should do now is to go and buy a fire safety box.

What is a fire safety box made of?

The standard components that are present in all kinds of safety boxes are layers that comprise together to form a protective metal. These layers include mild steel skin (the first layer starting from outside); a hard plate barrier material (this protects the lock); and then again, a mild steel layer. The second component is the lock.


This is the basic item which saves your valuables. Locks come in different types, for example, mechanical or electronic locks. A fire safety box includes materials which are highly resistant to high temperatures. The materials are non-conductive regarding heat and warmth. These materials consist of wood chips, Portland cement, diatomaceous earth, gypsum, and vermiculite.


Things to consider when buying a fire safety box

  • First, ask the shopkeeper about the size of the safety box. You will never know what addition could be made to your valuable items. You will not be buying new safes each time you feel the need to add an item. This means the size of the safe must be big, but not too big for it to be prominent.
  • Secondly, be vigilant when buying a fire safety box regarding its fire rating. You would want an adequate time for the safe to survive the fire. Minimum of 1 hour of fire rating will not be suitable for you. Opt for a bigger option which is in your range as well.
  • People who prefer keeping their data and media, like CDs, old cassette tapes, USBs, etc. in a safety box must keep this in view that the safety box should be keeping the temperature below 135 degrees Celsius and humidity level below 85% in case of a fire. Items like these are likely to burn immediately in too much warmth.
  • Everybody is recommended not to buy a fire safety box which is specially made to be fitted under the floor. It is preferred so because the safety boxes fixed under the floor are surrounded by a concrete wall. Because of this, the safe cannot omit the heat produced in the process. Hence, it is concluded to avoid buying an underground safety box.
  • In the end, determine the lock you want to choose, whether a digital lock or something else that you feel easy in.

While choosing a fire-resistant safety box, you must first decide upon the place you are going to keep it. This will then help you with buying a fire safety box of the right size. It is important to keep in view that if you do not have an alarm set in your work place or your house, you should be keeping the safety box at a hidden place.

The first thing to consider the thing to consider is that your safety box must be put at a place where you can easily reach it. Unusual places will make it difficult for you to keep items in it. Second important thing to keep in your mind is that wherever you tend to keep your safety box, there must be enough light. Why is light important? It is so that when you are putting in your combination to unlock the safety box, there will be no chances of going wrong. Otherwise, the alarm will go out, gaining everybody’s attention.

A fire-resistant safety box is essential to keep in your house. Choose the best kind of safety box after a detailed survey since you will be putting in your hard-eared money in it. Make sure you keep the above-mentioned tips to avoid any mishap. A fire safety box will benefit you in keeping your prized possessions in cases of emergency too. Apart from accidents, even if burglars try to open the safety box by using heat, they will not be able to open a fire-resistant box. This shows the benefits of owning a fire safety box. There are some advantages to this. You will not feel as if you have chosen something wrong.

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