Fireproof Safe Box – can it safeguard your valuables?

How can Fireproof Safe Box safeguard your valuables?

To store your precious jewellery, we have jewellery box. To store other valuables, home owners have personal safes and boxes. To safeguard guns from unauthorized access, gun owners have gun safes. On the same parlance, in order to protect valuables from disasters such as fire, we have fireproof safe box.

As the names suggests, a fireproof safe box offers functional and robust layer of protection for valuables against damages causing due to fire. Some safe boxes are protected from dual losses. They are fireproof as well as waterproof.

The significant features of fireproof safe box are as follows:

  • It comes in a sleek but strong metal surface.

  • The safe box is certified by valid authorities for protection against fire.

  • It protects your valuables from fire for up to 30 minutes to one hour and 1550 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Each of the safe box is verified on independent basis for providing complete protections to all electronic media devices or other important valuables contained inside the box.

  • The box can be easily carried with the help of carry handle.

  • The size and weight of the fireproof safe boxes differ from box to box.

  • It is inclusive of clamp-style latch and a key lock.

  • It has an additional battery backup.

  • Some of the companies provide warranty period for the safe boxes.

  • The safe boxes are designed for various types of valuables such as important documentation, media devices, cash, etc.

Now, let us understand the importance of fire ratings prescribed to the safe boxes by authorized entities. Though fire ratings are not considered while selecting a safe box, it is be an important aspect. It is advisable to purchase a fireproof safe box with at least 1 hour fire rating. Such safe boxes are expensive. But they will provide maximum protection to your valuables and help you in survival of a business or a home. In case you have small amount of budget to purchase a safe, then go for a safe box that offers longest fire protection so that it will suffice the purpose. Hence, there is no point in buying a safe box that does not provide protection to your valuables on the outbreak of fire in the house or in the business setting.

Only prescribed number of hours of fire rating is not sufficient. One must buy a safe box that is certified by a valid authority.

Another important aspect in a fireproof safe box is the presence of a fire seal on the door. This fire seal helps in controlling the moisture entering into the safe box. As a result, the valuables contained inside the safe box will not be eroded or rusted. The fire seal works on a daily basis acting as a layer to avoid entry of moisture into the safe box. In case the fire breaks out, the fire seal will expand its form and will prevent entry of fire and smoke entering into the safe. Hence, even though water is sprayed on the box to extinguish the fire, the fire seal will not allow the water to enter the box and spoil the valuables. The safe industry has come up with many advanced fireproof safe boxes where the fire seal expands to 6 times of the original size of the box, providing maximum protection against fire.

When a company says, ‘this is our fireproof safe box’ always keep your ears alert. It is not a fireproof safe box but a fire resistant safe box. They are developed for resisting against heat, smoke for a prescribed period of time, normally between 30 to 150 minutes.

The fireproof safe boxes are of considerable assistance in protection of important paper documents from damage causing due to heat and smoke. The surface of this safe is very thin. This this material helps in holding the fire retardant substances. It can be easily broken with the help of simple hand tools.

It is recommended not to buy fireproof safe box which is very low priced. One cannot store valuables in it. Following valuables cannot be stored in a fireproof safe box:

  • Cash

  • Media devices such as images, CDs, disks, tapes, DVDs, micro SD cards, etc.

A standard fireproof safe box is devised to provide protection to the valuables by maintaining the temperature of the interior part of the safe below 120 degrees or 85 percent humidity. These safe boxes do not offer protection to the valuables in a complete manner. Hence, for better security purpose, one can purchase a fireproof safe box to store valuables and keep the same box inside the gun safe. It acts as a double layer of protection for the valuables against fire as well as against burglary attacks.

Though a fireproof safe box protects valuables against fire, it cannot protect against burglary. There is no such box available in the market that protects against fire as well as burglary.

Thus, it is not a good idea to buy a fireproof safe box blindly. If you are purchasing it from online portals, then look out for clear specifications regarding fire protection as well burglary protection safe boxes. If a seller is specifying that a specific safe box protects valuables against fire, then it is not the only best safe box available for you in the market.

A wise idea would be investing in a fireproof safe box for storing electronic media devices or cash to impart it with a thin layer of security. For advanced security purpose, you can have a personal safe or a gun safe at home or in business enterprise to store valuables of bigger size and weight. One can keep the fireproof safe box in the gun safe or the personal safe for a thick and advanced layer of security.

Though you are spending more in the above idea, you are protecting your valuables in a better way. It is recommended to safeguard more than to safeguard less. More is always better in securing valuables! Hence, purchasing a fireproof safe box is a good investment for protecting your valuables against damage causing due to fire, heat and smoke.

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